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Canva Wedding Programs

Pre-made wedding invitations are great. However, if you're particular in what goes where, and prefer to have a hands-on experience in creating your perfect wedding card - then we can understand how it isn't a natural choice for you.  Fortunately, the wedding stationery industry has evolved. That being said, the ability to take matters into your own hands are that much more viable. With multitudes of editing programs available at your fingertips, you'll end up in one in no time. BUT.. What if you don't want to start designing from scratch? Is this no longer a good option for you? Luckily, Art in Card has found the perfect solution to this dilemma with its new line of wedding programs, editable via...

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Vellum Wedding Stationery

This translucent material has been a popular choice for crafting wedding stationery suites. You'll find them in different forms for various uses. Not only are they durable (in case of rough handling!), but they are also flexible. Its see-through property gives an allure of romance and mystery. Best of all, they can be printed on. So, what's the story behind the craze in vellum wedding stationery? To love something is to understand it. So, let's dive a little deeper!EFFORTLESS ELEGANCEYes, that's right. Vellum is highly favoured due to its look and feel. Its texture is much like a tracing paper. Some may argue that they're actually the same thing. We'll leave that to the experts. VARIOUS CHOICES Did you know that vellum...

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Hot Stamping

What is hot stamping? Hot stamping may not be new to you. You may have come across the term a few times or heard it during a discussion, especially when you're planning for Christmas or a wedding. No doubt, the name will always come up in foil printing wedding cards and invites. Foil printing is one of the methods derived from hot stamping. It is the art of creating glittering and gorgeous designs by attaching the foil to the visible part of the paper. Even though the foil-pressed products we have these days are basically regarded as expensive stationery, many people are not aware of the interesting age-long stories behind the practice of it. In recent times, many people have come up with different names for foil...

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Printed Wedding Cards?

Did you receive 'greeting card' digital image files sent through social applications such as WhatsApp recently? Our surveys suggest that even though this is much more convenient, people prefer to receive their greeting cards physically. There are many reasons for this. One of it is the green revolution that has left many people shunning non-eco-friendly products. With extensive research, we have found that digital printing gives us the best of both worlds. By choosing Art in Card printing, you will not only get wedding stationery physically, but you will also be helping the environment by choosing an eco-friendly solution. Going digital with your wedding invitation card and wedding stationery has always been the better option, but this new generation of digital printing has advantages...

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要如何填写的喜帖?看似乎很容易的,可是当中有些细节是需要加倍注意的。   1. 以下8项皆为喜帖内文不可或缺的资讯,新人宜事先拟定。  婚礼及婚宴日期及时间(公历与农历) 新人名字(男右、女左) 注册及婚宴地点 恭候及入席时间 双方父母的名字 男、女家联络电话   2. 新人家中排行 中式喜帖内文中,新人名字之上,会根据他们在家中的排行而加上相应称谓。值得留意的是,新郎的姐姐及妹妹并不计算在内;而新娘的兄长及弟弟也要剔除。大家可参考以下有关排行的写法: 长男:家中儿子排行最大 次男:家中儿子排行第二 三男:家中儿子排行第三 四男:家中儿子排行第四 (之后排行如此类推) 幼男:家中儿子排行最小 小儿:家中只有一位儿子 长女:家中女儿排行最大 次女:家中女儿排行第二 三女:家中女儿排行第三 四女:家中女儿排行第四(之后排行如此类推) 幼女:家中女儿排行最小 小女:家中只有一位女儿   3. 在传统喜帖格式中,有时候双方家长名上会加上奉严命/奉慈命/奉严慈命。那究竟是什么意思呢? 奉严命,奉慈命或者奉严慈命是指新娘新郎的长辈祖父祖母是否健在的意思。如果祖父健在,就写上奉严命,如果祖母健在,就写上奉慈命。如果祖父祖母两个都健在就写上奉严慈命,正确位置是加在父亲名字上。传统的意思就是指父亲奉祖父祖母的命令去办理这个婚事。 奉严命:祖父健在 奉慈命:祖母健在 奉严慈命:祖父母健在 要注意,喜帖提及的「奉严慈命」只适用于新人的祖父母,并不包括外祖父母。   4.下款特别处理 喜帖下款一般以新人双方父母署名,但面对特殊情况,如父母已离世或离异,可以作以下处理。 父母离异:照样写上双方名字,惟不须写夫妇. 新人其中一位父母已离世:请帖下款无须加上其名字。切记,已去世的人是无法主持婚礼的,如果硬把已去世的长辈名字写上,尾端又加上敬约,那么真的变得有点诡异。传统喜帖是为喜事而发,所以去世的长辈无需写上。 若父親已離世,母親亦再婚,則可放上母親現任丈夫名字加上夫妇,但新人名字請记得加上本身姓氏。 若新人父母皆离世,或者不想放父母親名字,可由叔父、伯父或长兄以其名义发帖,但記得新人名字前的位份要改一改,如侄儿,四弟,四妹這樣子。 如果自己发帖开端只需改为「我俩谨订于…」,而下款将改为新郎、新娘的名字即可。 但無論如何,情況特別者,寫法記得跟父母親商量!   5. 如果只是女方(或者男方)发帖,可以选择 只是写上女方父母名字,男方父母不需写上。 如果需要写上,请根据下图。 很多时候,新人自行订购与印刷请柬,等到长辈们要派帖时,他们才觉得你的请柬不应该这样写。建议给长辈们过目后才进行印刷,免得有不必要的麻烦或需要重印。    

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