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Frequently Asked Questions (faq)

Product Information - Wedding

+ What is the size of the invitation card?

+ What if the artwork is slightly off center?

+ What is the paper weight of the invitation card?+

+ What if I want to have other paper size?

+ Do you provide other wedding stationery? How do I order?

+ Can I see sample before order?

+ Do you provide envelope for my wedding invitation card?

+ What if colour is different from the digital artwork?

+I'm not sure what to fill in my wedding invites. Can you help me?

+How to use the online personalisation? Will the printout based on the design I edit at web?

+Why the unit price shown is different from what I divided from the amount?

Order Delivery

+ How to track my order?

+ How to order?

+ What is the payment method?

+ Is the transaction secure?

+ How many days will it take for the production?

+ How many days will it take for the delivery?

+ When should I order my wedding invites?

+ What is the shipping fee?

+ Do you provide international shipping?

+ Do you provide self-collect service?

+ Are there duties for international order?

+ Do you have wholesale or referral program?