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Vellum Wedding Stationery

This translucent material has been a popular choice for crafting wedding stationery suites. You'll find them in different forms for various uses. Not only are they durable (in case of rough handling!), but they are also flexible. Its see-through property gives an allure of romance and mystery. Best of all, they can be printed on. So, what's the story behind the craze in vellum wedding stationery? To love something is to understand it. So, let's dive a little deeper!


Yes, that's right. Vellum is highly favoured due to its look and feel. Its texture is much like a tracing paper. Some may argue that they're actually the same thing. We'll leave that to the experts. 


Did you know that vellum comes in different tones, types, and sources? The main ones are traditional, translucent, Bristol, and imitation. Art in Card uses vellum sourced from Germany, of either 113gsm or 180gsm depending on the selected wedding stationery.


Because of its coveted properties, vellum has been used to make not only vellum wedding invites, but also vellum menu cards and vellum place cards as well. Have a look at some of Art in Card's beautiful latest additions:

Vellum Menu Card: This gorgeous addition comes in three amazing choices. To ease you further in completing your wedding stationery suite - Art in Card has included menu options with place cards. How convenient!

  • Vellum Menu Card with Paper Clip (with Place Card)
  • Vellum Menu Card with Wax Seal (with Place Card)
  • Vellum Menu Only

Vellum Menu Card with Paper Clips or Wax Seal


8x4 and 9x4 Vellum Menu: Looking for a specific size? Try this vellum menu option. You may also opt for the specific size vellum menu with accompanying place card. Saves you all the trouble and hassle! Three gorgeous designs to choose from, even if you're not opting for the place cards.


Vellum Menu with Place Card: 8x4 and 9x4 inches


Round Vellum Menu Card: Want something that sits perfectly on your tableware? This comes in two standard sizes of 5 inches and 8 inches, with six different and beautiful designs to choose from. Custom sizing can be accommodated, so just reach out to us here!

Customisable Round Vellum Menu Card


Vellum Place Cards: If you're all set with the menus, and just need to include wedding place cards - then these are perfect for you. Art in Card provides a choice between vellum place cards with paper clips, or 2-layer vellum place cards with paper clips (no additional charge!), or with add-on wax seals. The second layer is a choice from 15 card colours. A selection of 18 fonts is available as well.


2 Layer Vellum Place Cards with Paper Clips or Add-on Wax Seals


Vellum Jackets: Yes! You can even encase your wedding invitation cards with vellum jackets. The sheerness of vellum entices many. Since vellum can be printed on, some do include ornate patterns and designs to further enhance the overall look of their wedding invitations. Plain vellum jackets are preferred by many, too. These are pre-folded vellum jackets, sized 5"x7", with about 1cm overlap.


Beautiful Blue Floret Vellum Jacket


You are now well-informed of the various uses of vellum in wedding stationery. Of course, their usage isn't just limited to those listed in here. After all, creativity allows you to incorporate anything you put your mind into!