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Round Vellum Menu
8" Round Vellum Menu Example
Fit Your Menu Card into 8" or 5" Dinnerwares
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Round Vellum Menu

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from RM6.30 MYR​ ​each

Customize especially for your plate size between 5 to 8 inches. Just write down your required size in the personalized column. For sizes larger than 8 inches please DM us for a quote❤

Vellum used: 180gsm

**Beautiful Round Vellum Menu Card to pair with your elegant tableware. Suitable for DIY weddings, any events, or parties.
**Fulfillment time mainly depends on how soon you can submit menu details in corjl**
**If you find it challenging to make edits or fill in your details on the corjl, or if you don't have many changes from the original template, we'd be delighted to draft them for you. Simply send us a direct message, and we'll take care of it!**

**RUSH ORDER can be topped up with an additional fee, please DM us for availability and price.
**Pricing above is for 1 page/type of menu details only** Extra page/type of menu details can be added at $5 for each type/page.

❤You will receive a link to edit your menu from Corjl through your email address. once you have submitted the artwork. if you need us to draft the menu for you, let us know, we are happy to assist!❤
we need 5 working days to process, do take note of your timeline and submit your final artwork as soon as possible if you need them sooner.
Shipping 3 to 6 days.
**Please order 3 weeks in advance.

1) What is the fulfillment timeline? What is the best time to order?
A: Fulfillment time mainly depends on how soon you can submit all the details to us after you submit everything we need 5 business days to process, do take note.
Shipping 3 to 6 days.
Please order at least 3 weeks in advance.
**RUSH ORDER can be topped up with an additional $5 and you can expect to receive it within 8 to 10 days if you submit the menu and guest list once you placed an order, please DM us for availability**

2) What if I have more than 1 variation of the menu needed? Eg. I have main menu, vegan menu and gluten free menu.
A: The listed price is for one set of menu details only. Additional variations can be added for $5 each. For example, if you have main menu, vegan menu, and gluten-free menu, an extra $10 will apply. This is because to keep prices low, we print in bulk on large sheets and trim them together to save on material and processing costs. However, when more variations are added, we have to print and trim each separately, leading to more waste. We also print spares for each variation to account for potential defects during printing or trimming, which increases costs. Even if you only need one vegetarian menu, the extra work and costs involved is the same as printing 10 to 20 menus.

3) Can I get another quantity instead of 10pcs in a block?
A: We're so sorry to say that we sell our products in sets of 10 due to printing on large sheets. By printing in bulk on large sheets of paper, this helps us keep prices low for customers. We trim them all at once to save on material and processing costs. Each sheet gives us 10 menus, example if you need 52, we have to use 6 sheets and end up with 60 menus. We appreciate your understanding as we try to balance cost savings and quality.

4) Can you draft the menu for us? What is the benefit of editing the menu in corjl?
A: Absolutely! If you find it challenging to make edits or fill in your details on the corjl platform, or if you don't have many changes from the original template, we'd be delighted to draft them for you. Simply send us a direct message, and we'll take care of it!
During the initial six months of launching this menu, we used to draft all menus for our customers. However, we observed that customers often faced challenges expressing their desired look for the menu. It seemed like some couples preferred a more unique touch for their special day. This resulted in a slower turnaround time due to back-and-forth amendments, and many customers needed their menus promptly.

To address these issues, we decided to invest more cost in Corjl, allowing each customer to freely create their menu according to their preferences. This not only provides customers with a better vision of how their menu will look after filling in the details but also eliminates the time waiting for back-and-forth amendments. With Corjl, customers can experiment with various font styles, adjust sizes and spacing, add personalized elements like names or dates, and ultimately, craft a more unique and personalized menu for their weddings or events.
You can view or edit them immediately to see how they will look through our demo link: https://www.corjl.com/d/4C38A3

** Each batch of the place card color comes slightly different and we can't guarantee the color accuracy same as what it portrays on your screen. Do allow a 10 to 20% difference. If you are very particular about color tones, perhaps getting from your local physical store is a better option.

  • Color
  • Finishing
  • Review
Actual colors may vary. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colors and that everyone sees these colors differently. We try to edit our photos to show the samples as life-like as possible, but please understand the actual color may vary slightly from your monitor. We cannot guarantee that the color you see accurately portrays the true color of the product.
All our cards are printed with the cutting-edge digital printer. Our printers are state-of-the-art and offer excellent image quality. We will print the artwork based on the final artwork. Some of our artworks look like metallic color, please note that there is no metallic foil finishing on the cards unless they are mentioned in the product.

How it works for Personalisation?

Step 1
Personalise your order

Choose your quantity, envelope, material. Fill in your wedding details in specific column, add on other stationery if needed, and add to cart.

Step 2
Designer review

Art in Card designer will perfect your design and apply any special request. Usually. you can get it within 3 working days. You have 2 complimentary rounds of revision.

Step 3

Once you approve the proof,we will start production. It will take 2-3 working days for production

Step 4

Our team will send you an email with the tracking no upon delivery. You can expect your masterpiece anytime soon.