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Rsvp? Online Rsvp or paper wedding invites?

First of all, what is RSVP card? The term RSVP comes from the French phrase, “Respondez, s’il vous plait,” which means “Please respond.” A wedding invitation typically includes a response card, where guests can let the couple know if they can attend the event. Usually, guests will post the response card back to the couple.

Can I just get online RSVP without actual paper wedding invite or RSVP card? Let’s check this out.

Joey is a designer and she is getting married. She learned the trouble of RSVP from her sister (her sister called her guests one by one just to collect RSVP) and looking for a more effective RSVP way. One day, she saw her friend sending an online wedding RSVP. She was thinking this is so convenient because she could collect RSVP conveniently but the thing is without tangible wedding invitation card, there is something missing and people do not feel the value and sincerity. Then, she asked her friend what is the result she got by online wedding RSVP. Disappointingly, she only manages to collect 40% of RSVP as most of the people tend to ignore online RSVP. It ended up she called the rest of the guest to confirm the RSVP. So, Joey decided to combine online and offline. She designed a wedding invitation card and info card with a QR code written ‘Scan me for RSVP’ at the top of the card. At last, she collected 98% of RSVP which save her a lot of time and trouble. Online and offline RSVP is like water and bread, equally important.

  • For you, is wedding invitation card just about convey your wedding message and details to your guests?
  • How many of your guests really take action to RSVP?
  • Do you need to do double work to call for RSVP?

So, we are introducing a smarter way to RSVP, making people excited to RSVP automatically for you and remain the beauty of wedding invitation card.

Artincard RSVP, a combination of offline and online wedding invitations

What is Artincard RSVP? It is actually a package includes items below:

  • Wedding Invitation Card (Click here to shop for collection)
  • RSVP card (Include RSVP QR code and you may include a map and simple info)
  • Your Online RSVP Management Site (For more info, please click here)

When sending Artincard RSVP, it preserves the tradition without sacrificing all the efficiency using online RSVP management. Paper wedding invites not only reflects your style but could make your guests feel the sincerity at the same time. They will feel the tone a couple trying to set by touching the texture of the paper and looking at the theme of the wedding invites at the same time. This creates a sense of anticipation the big day to come. Even few years after the wedding, some guests reluctant to throw away the wedding invitation card. For them, that is not just a souvenir, it is a memory. While online RSVP make your life easier by providing your guests a real cool QR code as call-to-action. They will be able to get all details about your wedding such as date, location with google map, accommodation etc. Let’s elevate your wedding by getting Artincard RSVP.

How to sign up for Artincard RSVP?

For any guests that purchase minimum 200 pcs wedding invitation card and 200 pcs rsvp card will entitle a complimentary RSVP url worth $19.90 per month. Limited to 25 couples only. It’s easy.

  1. Click shop at the top to select your preferred design of wedding invitation card and RSVP card. (RSVP card design will be based on the theme you chose)
  2. Choose paper and quantity you prefer. (Quantity of RSVP card is based on wedding invitation card)
  3. Add to cart and checkout. (You will receive an activation link within 48 hours to activate your RSVP url*)

*T&C Apply