Achieve your dreams with
Inspirational Gift & Decor

Sometimes you just need to be reminded why you started.

The world needs love. Let share it!

WE HAVE A WILD DREAM. We hope we can make the world a better place. So, we made the first step. That’s the reason why our team come up with the idea of creating inspirational and aesthetic gift and decor items hoping we could share the positive vibe to people around us. Let’s check out how you can have a meaning-full decor at your house or even surprise your love one with inspirational gifts.

A Minute Inspiration
Affirmation & Inspirational Quotes Box

It is a 60 seconds refresher that adjusts your state of mind and inspire the core of your person into a refined positive lifestyle with the help of some specially made beautiful card deck. Perfect for yourself or give it as a gift for people you love.

Inspirational Canvas

We know you love to inspire people like we do. What if you can inspire poeple aesthetically? Get one of canvas with your favourite quote on our premium canvas which adds exquisite taste to your home and office.

Closeup of Our Premium Canvas

We can’t change the world, but we can change ourself.

By Lee, Founder of Art In Card

Why Our Canvas

Our Canvas won’t rip or tear compared to paper print. Our canvas framing is light that never damage your wall.


The prints using state of art printing technology and texture on premium canvas would satisfy your visual.


Canvas has been using for fine prints for thousand years ago. Only the prestigious artist use canvas to display their artwork. Now, you can have it.

Our decor and gifts are multi functional.
Let's see what you can do with them.

For decor and aesthetics

As a gift

Self-awareness & motivation

Epiphanies and soul searching

Brighten of moods